Problem Solvers

Odor Control

Garbage dump

Bio Cleanse has a product that will combat the most offensive odors. This product controls odor not by masking the odor, as most chemical products do, but go straight to the source of the odor and eliminate it.

Bio-San is designed for a deeper cleaning and for use higher volume areas. This product can be used in public restrooms, commercial waste areas, drain line maintenance, grease traps, and other demanding ares requiring tough cleaning.




Natural Cleaners


Bio Cleanse designs natural cleaners that are an effective alternative to harsh chemicals once thought to be the only way to combat the most challenging situations. Our products use a blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes designed to vigorously clean and deodorize in the most demanding industrial, institutional, or household conditions.

Bio-San is designed for a deeper cleaning and for use higher volume areas. This product can be used in public restrooms, commercial waste areas, drain line maintenance, grease traps, and other demanding ares requiring tough cleaning.

Bio-Response is a proprietary blend of bacteria, nutrients and surfactant technology that provides a powerfully effective solution and is a safe alternative to solvent-based products. It can be used in cleaning tools, machinery and outdoor equipment, and will eliminate stains on concrete, driveways, and sidewalks.


Septic Maintenance and Sewage Systems

Septi-Treat is an environmentally friendly, dry, biological septic and waste degrader. It helps keep the septic tank and leach lines trouble free and improves the system's biological stability. In some cases where the system's leach field has become ineffective, Septi-Treat has been added to the lines to restore the leach field to a fully functional system.

Bio-San is a liquid product that works in concert with septic systems to provide superior performance. It is designed to be used in drain lines and grease traps and is compatible with septic waste degraders.


Petro Spills and Oil Stain Removal

We have a product that crosses over into multiple applications and can be used a variety of ways. In fuel spills Bio-Response can be sprayed over the spill immediately reducing VOC's and rapidly degrading the fuel spill components. Bio-Response may be applied to oil stains in driveways, parking lots and garage floors and eliminates the need for conventional, labor intensive treatment methods. By eliminating the use of solvent based or harsh chemicals the environment is left in a much healthier condition.

Another application we have been very successful with is on off road vehicle trails and race tracks. Oil and fuel spills are a growing concern. Currently these spills are absorbed and the oil/fuel absorbent pads are treated as toxic waste at disposal sites. We can now address these issues with an all natural, extremely effective alternative. Bio-Response is a foaming bacteria product that, when applied, will attach itself to the hydrocarbons and fuel spill components. The bacteria immediately begins degrading the contaminants above and below ground surface transforming them into trace elements of CO2 and water. The dispensing techniques used for Bio-Response vary depending on the applications.


Campgrounds and RV Park Vault Systems

Bio Cleanse was asked to develop a product to combat an ever growing problem of waste smells emanating from campground bathrooms. In the past, masking the odors with deodorants and odor counteractants seemed the only way to reduce the smells which was ineffective. The use of disinfectants proved useless as there would have to be a 100% kill of the bacteria causing the smell which was virtually impossible. Working with the US Forest Service we created Vault System Degrader.. With extensive testing and development we established an extremely effective program to tackle the issues vault systems pose. We found that when adding Vault System Degrader to the vault and cleaning the bathroom with Bio-San, rather than a disinfectant, which is not compatible with bacteria based products, the smells were greatly reduced and in most cases virtually eliminated. We also found that 100% of the vault area was being utilized as it filled rather than the piling up of the waste. This greatly reduced the frequency of pumping. Another advantage of using this product was the reduction of insects in the bathrooms. With the degradation occurring and reduction of the smell the flies, bees, mosquitoes, and other insects weren't attracted to to the area and also were not laying eggs in the vaults. The application amounts will vary due to volume and use. We will be happy to evaluate your needs and create a program to accommodate them. 


Drains and Grease Traps

Bio Cleanse has an effective alternative to caustic drain openers. Bio-Drain Opener is a highly concentrated bacteria formulation that contains none of the harsh chemicals normally associated with acid and caustic drain openers. It outperforms competitor's solutions in a natural environmentally safe manner. This product is designed to restore full flow to grease laden and clogged or slow running drains in kitchens and floors. Due to the enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance this product is compatible with septic system degraders.

We recommend regular use of Bio-San as a drain line maintainer for a cleaner and odor free-system. It's blend of bacterial strains works to degrade and eliminate organics found in drain lines and grease traps.

Portable and Outdoor Toilets

Bio Cleanse has impressive products for use in outdoor and portable toilets. Sani-Treat is a powerful, easy to use, liquid concentrate designed for rapid waste degradation and immediate odor control. Sani-Treat is a safe natural replacement for formaldehyde and quaternary compounds.

In some outdoor applications Vault System Degrader may be used depending on the containing surfaces and volume of use.

Other applications may include the use Bio-San in conjunction with other waste degraders.

Applications for outdoor and portable toilets may vary. We will be happy to evaluate your needs and recommend a product to accommodate them.